Our Story

As Watersports professionals, we have been delivering activities in the vale of Evesham, starting with setting up Aztec Watersports in 1993, setting up and running centres around the world, and everything leading up to running our 2 centres today in Pershore and Evesham. 

This experience  is only importing as it translates into being able to offer the PERFECT sessions for you. Safe, Fun and Professional.

We have the best venues, the best equipment and the best teaching methods - so you get the best for your money and the best use of your time. 

We also understand that everyone has different requirements, so all sessions are tailored to hit your goals and needs. Whilst the activities are at the core, there are other elements that we also know are important like: - clean facilities, changing rooms, toilets, easy parking, cup of tea and some ace photographs for building memories (or social media!). 

About the Venues

About the Activities

About the Staff

Bonkers Activities is a genuine Family business. Alex and Kim have been together longer than they care to admit (since some time in the early 1990's ?) and running watersports businesses together ever since. Kai and Zak have grown up on the water with them and now Kai runs the junior activity sessions.

All this passion, combined with a lifetime of experience, translates into the best possible sessions for Bonkers clients.

Kim Bonk SUP
Kim Bonk - Owner
Bonkers Activities
LOGO Bonk SUP.jpg
Kim Bonk Sup 2

Kim is a British Canoeing LEVEL 3 Paddleboarding Coach & RYA inland waterways helm 

Kim is a dynamo that lightens up any room just by walking in - you'll never forget her laugh. Kim joined Alex as co-owner of Aztec Watersports (and life partner) in 1996 and together they taught watersports at Aztec in the summer and travelled the world for 3 months every winter, surfing and windsurfing (while Alex worked as a consultant training watersports instructors) in places like Barbados (5 winters), Canaries and Australia. Kim became a windsurfing instructor in 1996 and went on to become an accomplished level 3 instructor in 1998. Kim pioneered the method of getting around her windurfing students in light wind by standing on a large windsurf board and paddling around using a long paddle adapted from a kayak paddle with a handle on top....

In the 2000's Kim was the Owner/Manager the successful windsurf and kitesurf business SURFCYPRUS, Kim coordinating bookings, meeting clients arriving from the UK, liaising with local hotels and accommodation, and of course spending time on the water and coaching. Spending those years in Cyprus, when the children where young, gave Kim and the family plenty of time to build their watersports skills. All Kim’s watersports centres have had small shops attached, so she can help her clients get the right bit of kit, but this was taken to a whole new level when returning from Cyprus to the UK led to opening up the inland chain of Surf Shops called SURFANTIX. Retail evolved and so did Kim’s business into the Bonk Brand and the BONK Skate Shop. As well as a cool shop for local young people to get their scooters and skate gear, Kim also ran afterschool skate clubs, summer activity days at the skate park (combining these with watersports activities), and ran a set of mobile skate ramps to local schools.

Kim has also organised many large events, including launching the Pershore River Festival in 2016 and 2017. Her biggest and best event has been the Port Street International Fayre (2014-2018), Evesham’s biggest annual event, bringing all the community together with food, music, activities on the river.

Kim now concentrates 100% on Bonkers Activities. It will be Kim that emails, or Kim that you speak to arrange your booking. Kim has converted her decades of coaching experience across to paddleboarding and you can guarantee a fun session if Kim is involved.

Kim has recently designed a whole package of paddleboarding sessions for ladies. Relaxed refresher/improver sessions with the emphasis on having a laugh and learning at the same time.  

Alex Bonk Sup
Alex Mellor
Founder and Head Coach
Alex Bonk Sup whitewater

Alex is a true watersports industry professional with a lifetime of experience. For the last 12 year Alex's main sport and job has been paddleboarding and he has spent that time refining his stand up paddle techniques and how to teach these to others.

he know focusses on paddleboarding and teaching inland waterways boating, but also holds qualifications in RYA sailing (Si), RYA Windsurfing (L5/advanced), RYA Powerboat instructor, RYA inland waterways helms Instructor, Kitesurfing, archery, kayak L2 coach, sup L3 coach, swift water rescue, RYA/CTp Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster cert, BA (Hons) Recreation Management, Post Grad Cert in Outdoor Education and all the usual first aid, safeguarding and on going training.  

Experience, and learning from that experience, is as important as qualifications, and having taught paddleboarding since it was invented, Alex has as much paddleboard experience as anyone. He has also paddled in the French Alps and the Scottish rivers, paddled most of the Cornish coast (Where he grew up)  been professional crew on a 75' Ocean racing catamaran (Course de L'Europe), raced in the Ronde on Texel and several National and European sailing events, worked in a boat building factory and delivering yachts, and paddleboarded thousands of miles of the canals and rivers around the Midlands.  If you learnt to windsurf in the 90's locally, or were involved with becoming and instructor, it would probably have been Alex who taught you. As well as setting up Aztec Watersports in 1993, Alex has helped train instructors and set up centres around the world (including 5 winters in Barbados), set up his own centre in Cyprus (Surfcyprus) and owned and managed a chain of 5 surf shops (Surfantix). Bonkers came about after working with the local Pershore Youth Centre charity to develop their facilities to enable watersports on the River Avon.   

Now settled back in the Midlands, Alex spends most days on the river, teaching paddleboarding, and helping the Avon Navigation Trust develop their boat training and youth activity programme. 

kai old pic 2.jpg
Kai (Bosh) Mellor - Paddleboard Coach (level 3)
a sunday 12.jpg
a a mix 34.jpg
Screenshot (12).png

The picture (above far left) shows Kai over 10 years ago paddling around on one of Bonkers first plastic boards in Pershore c2010. Kai has now 'grown up' and has a fully qualified British Canoeing paddlesport Instructor for over 2 years, with his BC rescue training, First Aid Certificate and is on a progressive coach training development programme, and has recently become one of the youngest to ever qualify as the higher level British Canoe Level 3 Paddleboard Coach.

Kai is a natural athlete and a natural coach. If you look on our facebook videos you will see some of kais tricks - check out the back flip !!

Kai runs many of our kids activity sessions, in his unique fun, safe and professional way.

Kai is so friendly and fun and he balances this with skills that put us all to shame and a charming style that guarantees to get you up and paddling quickly, safely and professionally.

zak 1.jpg
Zak Mellor - Evesham Manager - and Dragon Keeper

To complete the Bonkers Family, we shouldn’t leave out ZAK.  Zak operates the hire of the Evesham Boats and Paddlecraft in Abbey Park.  As well as his HND, Zak holds the RYA inland Waterways Helms certificate, First Aid, and qualifications in Archery and paddleboarding. This is a pic from the last time we got Zak on a paddleboard ;0)

Jo and Lynne - Level 3 Coaches 
a lynne and Jo 1.jpg

Lynne and Jo are paddleboarding experts (they may not admit it, but they are). Between them they have paddled hundreds of miles of rivers and canals, and at bonkers they have worked on hundreds of hours of sessions and helped introduce thousands of people to paddleboarding. This level of commitment has led them to the great achievement of becoming qualified as British Canoe Level 3 Paddleboard Coaches. Bonkers could not operate without the support from Lynne and Jo. On your paddleboard lesson, or Club Session, they could well be there, exactly where and when you need them, to make it all possible.

a lynne and Jo 5_edited.jpg
Bonkers Elite SUP Club - Leaders and instructors 
Bonk SUP team 2019

Every day we paddle at Bonkers, the staff, club members and students, always learn and progress in our friendly, fun, safe and professional environment. Personal development is an important part of what we do. We regularly have training sessions on everything from paddle techniques to rescues and first aid courses. Taking this to the next level, over 10 of our club members are now fully qualified British Canoe Paddlesport Instructors with many more qualified to help. This leads to a wonderful friendly progressive learning environment and means there is always plenty of qualified people around to help on sessions. Huge thank you to all our lovely Bonkers Crew who are always helping and making it all possible. 

About H & S

Bonkers want you to relax and enjoy your sessions knowing that all the safety, insurance and quality controls are all in place. 

  • Insurance - Bonkers are fully insured for the public liability for all the activities they participate in. 

  • DBS - all Bonkers instructors have up to date DBS checks in place 

  • Safeguarding - with the history of working with youth organisations, all the necessary safeguarding procedures and policies are in place. In fact, with our links to local authority support networks, we operate above and beyond any other activity orientated organisation

  • Qualifications and instructor training. As well as relevant NGB qualifications all staff have ongoing training and hold First aid Certificates

  • Bonkers have all the required detailed operating procedures in place and Risk Assessments.

  • RIVER LICENCE (commercial). To operate on any piece of inland water you need permission from the people who manage/own that water. For us this means a commercial licence from the Avon Navigation Trust, as well as individual licences for all our boards. Bonkers have been through the registration process with ANT and hold all the necessary commercial licences and permissions. 

  • National Governing Body - British Canoeing - Official Delivery Partner. Bonkers are an 'early adopter' of this brand new 2021 scheme, helping to support and shape the future of the sport - ensuring standards of instruction, qualifications and operating systems.