About Bonkers Activities


About Bonkers Activities

Bonkers Activities operates as a social enterprise, contributing some of their income to local, youth orientated charities.

Working with local partners is key. 

Alex and Kim will be known to many of you as they have set up, owned, run and sold several local and international outdoor activity centres. - starting with setting up Aztec Watersports in 1993. 

Based in the Vale of Evesham their passion is to provide memorable, life enhancing outdoor experiences.

All activities are led by the best instructors - with industry leading experience and qualifications. Bonkers specialise in making it feel easy, safe and professional, whilst making sure you are learning and having fun. 

Bonkers are proud to support the Pershore Youth Centre Charity so they can continue their youth support and youth work programmes for the community








Facilities as good as any large UK centre, BUT the difference is Bonkers is still 'real' and 'friendly'. KIM will take your booking, and it will be ALEX and/or Kim that will be there on the day and run your session. 

Stand Up Paddleboarding experts

in the 1990's Alex taught windsurf instructors to paddle standing on a windsurf board as the best way to get around their students in light winds - he even made an extra long canoe paddle in 1995 for this purpose.

As soon as paddleboarding became a thing, over 10 years ago, Alex bought his first SUP board and has been at the forefront of the sport ever since. 

Alex has been coaching watersports to instructor level for nearly 30 years, and perfecting Paddleboarding for a decade. As SUP becomes trendy no doubt other people will 'jump on the band wagon' without being specialists. Alex and Kim are true industry professionals and LOVE paddleboarding, know and understand SUP specific coaching techniques that have taken years to perfect, paddle everyday, and genuinely look forward to every coaching session. 

Bonkers is only open

on Demand 

This is pretty much 7 days a week April-September

over the winter, it's most weekends

But every session must be booked in advance,

and we open up for your session 


About Your Booking


​       HOW TO BOOK

  • email bonkersactivities@hotmail.com, or Call Kim 07962 240627 to talk/enquire about your requirements, dates etc 

  • download the booking for at the top of this page

  • save it to your device - fill it in (its and editable PDF) 

  • return it to bonkersactivities@hotmail.com

  • payment by BACS at time of booking (details on booking form) 


For 1 or 2 hour sessions

  • Please bring footwear to get wet (old trainers are fine), light weight clothes and a jacket. For afterwards you will need a change of clothes and a towel.

  • Bonkers have full waterproofs if appropriate, but please bring the above gear as for most sessions this is best.

  • Buoyancy Aids and the equipment itself are provided

  • Most activities do not require a wetsuit (in fact, wetsuits don't keep you warm, unless you are in the water). You may get splashed but the aim is to stay out of the water. We do use wetsuits as and when appropriate - like in the winter.

For Longer sessions / Trips / Summer Activity Days

  • as above + Packed lunch and drinks + sunblock

Ready to Take your booking !!

We love our job - not just the coaching part, but everything about it - In fact here's a shot of Kim and Jo 'working hard' in 'the 'office' 

Contact Kim on 07962 240627 

or email bonkersactivities@hotmail.com 

How to Find us

All sessions are BOOKED IN ADVANCE - so please don't just turn up as the centre will not be open

PERSHORE                                                                                    WR10 1QU

Our purpose built centre is at the Pershore Riverside Centre (PRC)

Drive into Pershore and take the turning off the high street signed for the 'Leisure Centre'

if you miss that turning, we are behind the ASDA store in the centre of town

Drive along King George's Way

Past the leisure Centre (20 yrds) and PRC is at the end of that road

Bonkers are around the back of the building

There is a side gate in the far corner of the small car park that will be open

Drive around the back and park on the field right next to the water

(if its really wet, its ok to park in the front car park and walk around the back to find us)


We have several bases in Evesham, and when you book, we will send you detailed joining instructions. We have to work around the fishing and the rowers, but have the best possible locations ready for your sessions.


About H & S

Bonkers want you to relax and enjoy your sessions knowing that all the safety, insurance and quality controls are all in place. 

  • Insurance - Bonkers are fully insured for the public liability for all the activities they participate in. 

  • DBS - all Bonkers instructors have up to date DBS checks in place 

  • Safeguarding - with the history of working with youth organisations, all the necessary safeguarding procedures and policies are in place. In fact, with our links to local authority support networks, we operate above and beyond any other activity orientated organisation

  • Qualifications and instructor training. With a history of being the ones qualified to train the instructors, Bonkers coaches and trainers are the best at what they do. As well as relevant NGB qualifications all staff have ongoing training and hold First aid Certificates (level 3). 

  • Bonkers have all the required detailed operating procedures in place and Risk Assessments.

  • RIVER LICENCE (commercial). To operate on any piece of inland water you need permission from the people who manage/own that water. For us this means a commercial licence from the Avon Navigation Trust, as well as individual licences for all our boards. Bonkers have been through the registration process with ANT and hold all the necessary commercial licences and permissions. 


Pershore White Water Project 

Pershore White Water Course - This is now deigned, part funded and at the planning Permission stage.

BONKERS, in partnership with Avon Navigation Trust present their latest and best DBOM project (Design, Build, Operate & Maintain). 

More info coming soon and if it all goes to plan we will be ploughing through the planning and EA reports in 2019, to get ready to (hopefully) start the build in 2020........


This is truly exciting - a real selling point for the area - a great toy for us all to play with - and Bonkers team are key to making it happen, from conception to delivery.  

This will be great for paddlers, great for young people (imagine the activity days!), great for all the partner organisations.

With us operating the facility from our base IN PERSHORE, It will be fantastic for Pershore as it bring people to the town, and establish Pershore as a real centre for paddlesports with Regional and National significance.  The nearest white water is miles away.  It will also be great for water safety as the emergency services require more local places to train.