2021 Opening up again !

From 29th March, we can open the centre again. So feel free to email us now to make a booking. 

We are all too familiar now with the safety requirements - it's down to all of us all now to do what we know we should to remain safe when it comes to keeping on top of Covid into the future. 


The systems we put in place at Bonkers will remain the same throughout 2021 - to ensure that our site is a place you can relax and enjoy. These systems include: 


  • ONLY advance booking is allowed - do not just turn up, you will not be allowed onsite

  • You will have an allocated time - do not arrive any more than 10 minutes prior to this time. This enables us to spread out the bookings to give everyone plenty of space

  • NO SPECTATORS - (this is strict - unless by prior arrangement only). This may sound over the top - but its important as everywhere is cleaned after use and so we know exactly who is on site all the time.

  • There is hand sanitiser by all the doors to the building - please use before entering. 

  • Kim and Alex have been vaccinated 

  • The bonkers operating procedures and Risk Assessments have been modified and adapted to ensure a Covid safe environment, a separate Covid Risk Assessment carried out to ensure all systems are as safe as they can be.

  • Nearly all our operations our outside on our own private field (which is very large) and on the river. This represents a lovely safe and clean outside space - CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. When we access the building (which is our OWN PRIVATE FACILITY) we do it in limited numbers at a time. The facilities are deep cleaned EVERY DAY. 

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2021 Jan 4th Update

We all know the score on this one 

The 'Centre' is Closed until we can open again 

BUT - we remain 100% positive and are using the time to get the centre ready for the best summer paddling ever !

We are gearing up for spring, with new boards arriving including a new fleet of touring boards

This was the post on 5th Jan from British Canoe advising that all centres should now close


and updated on the 7th here 



Sport England have some great information and Q and A's here https://www.sportengland.org      

Which highlights how can can safely take part in outdoor exercise with our households or one other person and even 1:1 coaching when it warms up a bit. But we shall do our bit, follow our NGB British Canoeing, and remain closed until it is considered OK to open again. 

Latest Update 5th November

As per the Government guidelines, we are closing Bonkers Activities from 5th November until 4th December.

We are still selling vouchers for lessons, and you can order these by email 

We will keep this page up to date with any changes and let you know if and when the restrictions relax enough for us to commence paddling again. 

Stay Safe - Bonkers Team 

Latest Update 20th July 2020

The activities at Bonkers are continuing to operate the new safe and clean systems including:

  • Book and pay in advance

  • Arrive on time for your session but not more than 10 minute before your session

  • Strictly NO spectators (unless pre-arranged and only in certain circumstances)

  • Toilets may be used, but very limited access to indoor facilities (please assume you cannot use the changing rooms)

  • We are spacing out sessions and arrival times to keep it lovely and clear for you

  • Our activities are limited to tuition and hire at this time

  •  We are constantly evaluating, learning, improving and modifying to ensure ongoing safety 

  • As this is our own private site, we are confident that we can make it safe and professional and welcoming for you...

We are now able to increase the numbers of people onsite in line with the new government guidance that has been issued to support the return of sport and recreation in England, last updated on 9 July 2020

These have been interpreted by British Canoeing who have issued the following guidance. This represents a slow easing, and enables us run more than 1 group of 6 (or family bubble) at the same time. 

Previous updates (systems still in place)

Following the Government announcement on May 13th 2020 we have worked hard to change and adapt our Outdoor Activity Centre so it is as safe as it can possibly be. 

There are links to Govt Guidelines we are following below and we are also following the guidance from our National Governing Body British Canoeing. The 'standard' information is also listed below 

From the 1st June - small groups are allowed (up to 5 students, 6 in a group in total). We are still focusing on private tuition and small groups, as we have found this runs best, but if you want to link up with friends or family and book a session together, we can now do this for you.

To help re-assure you we would like to point out some unique elements we have to help keep everyone safe:


  • We are not 'open to the public'​. We will strictly limit people to their own time slots. (Some public car parks have been busy, with no 'control'. We totally control our private site, with strict arrival times booked in advance).

  • All sessions MUST be booked in advance - forms are sent electronically and payments done in advance to avoid unnecessary contact

  • We have set up the site with spaced out parking, 1 way systems, areas for unused and a separate area for used kit 

  • We have our own private river frontage, launch pontoons and our large private back field - all great for keeping you safe and socially isolated in the great outdoors

  • We have over 50+ boards and 100+ b'aids, so you will not be using kit that someone else has used, we will rotate it around so as well as being cleaned it will have been stood unused/untouched for days. 

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kim adam pershore Covid 4.jpg

The activities we are running are: 

        Private Tuition   (1 on 1)

        Family Tuition  if you are from the same household we can teach up to 5 of you 

        A group of 5 that YOU choose - We will not put you into a group of people that you don't know, but if you can organise some friends, the price comes down per person ( see details here

        Hire (household groups, or you can meet up with up to 5 of your friends - as per Govt guidelines)

       Limited Activity Days for young people - max 5 per session, book in advance

All sessions are booked in advance and you will be allocated an arrival time. We are taking everyone's safety seriously and will be limiting the amount of people at all times. 

call Kim now to enquire 07962 240627 

How we have come to this decision and what we have done to make it as safe as possible 

Following all the information provide by both the UK Government, British Canoeing and other watersports governing bodies. All of these can be found on the links below. There is no point in re-writing them all, but the key changes we have made include:

  • We have re-written sections of our operating procedures and Risk Assessment measures to include the changes necessary to adapt for Covid-19, including risk assessments. 

  • These changes have then been put into practice at our site including: 

    • signage​

    • sanitising stations 

    • booking systems - book in advance only

    • staggering users into allocated time slots 

    • cleaning areas and cleaning systems in place 

    • we are the only user group - so you are safe in a 'private' setting 

  • The advise is that users can access our clean Toilets, but on advise we are not using the changing rooms - so come dressed appropriately. 

As well as what you can see, like the cleaning and the site changes we have also assessed the things you cant see:

  •  All our booking and payment is now done in advance and online

  • Our risk assessments and systems extend to include elements that might not be immediately obvious including:

    • How we ​​change, evolve, learn, improve and adapt

    • How we would deal with an incident or emergency - including the latest first aid advise 

However, we also want to re-assure you that through all this, we will continue to use our common sense and hope to ensure your activities are FUN and SAFE giving you an amazing life enhancing experience on the water 

Please contact Kim if you have any queries, or would like to book 

07962 240627