How to Book






We are pleased that we can offer a Covid Safe environment and a 'real life' friendly experience. This does mean we have had to adapt our booking process - to here is how to book. 


1. EMAIL Kim at

In the email communications - Tell Kim what you would like to do and when 

2. Kim will then email you back with the answer to your enquiry and the nearest availability to suit you

This is still only and enquiry at this stage

3. To confirm your booking (once Kim has given you a potential date and time) please download, fill in and return the booking form below and arrange payment by BACS (which kim will send you in the email) - once BACS has been received. Kim will confirm your booking.

If you are using a PC or windows laptop, please download the fillable forms below, once filled in save them to your device, and return the filled in version. (These do not work on ipads or iphones, but don't panic, you can fill them in on the day - terms and conditions apply, from the booking form below -  that you can view on any device) 

Please use this booking form for tuition and most bookings:   

If you are bringing a group, you will need to gather information and permissions from each member of your group. Clubs, or families will already have this and can then use this group booking form. If you have organised a group of friends, but you don't have all their details (or not prepared to be responsible for them) then it might be better to get each of them to fill out the above form. 

If you are coming to hire, rather than tuition, you are totally responsible for yourself, your group and the equipment, so please use this Hire Form




If you are just launching, but leaving your car with us and using the toilets, facilities and launch pontoon, we still need you to fill in the liability form and  form - please use the Launch form: 

Obviously we have all the required Covid Risk Assessments and systems in place. Because of Covid there are some simple rules:

Even after Covid restrictions ease, we will continue these systems as it keeps everyone safe, adds to the safeguarding of young people, and once you have your booking made, it is far better that you have the place more to yourself, more space to use the facilities on your own and more attention for your session - best all round. 

    ONLY ADVANCED BOOKINGS - the site is CLOSED to the public

    NO SPECTATORS  (unless by prior arrangement)


We are sorry if this sounds strict - but the new 'covid system' is working and we have many happy new and return customers. As we have been forced to space out arrival times and therefore only have a limited amount of time slot each day, it works for you and for us that we have allocated arrival times all booked and paid for in advance.  

Booking Process