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Covid-19 update 

We are closing from 5th Nov - 4th Dec

You can order a Voucher by email 

and we hope to be back for 1 on 1 tuition and club paddles ASAP

Kayak Lesson 1  (1.5 hours)            (all equipment provided)           from £35

Kayaking is great, and our passion for the sport will rub off on you in this introductory lesson. Anyone can jump in a kayak and make it work, but our coaches will show you how to launch and land safely, forwards and backwards stokes, turning, how to sit properly (so you look cool and like you know what you are doing). You will cover kit, safety and what to do next. 

Contact us now to book       bonkersactivities@hotmail.com

Kayak lesson 2 (1.5 hours)            (all equipment provided)           from £35

So you've tried it, can go in a straight line (ish) but want to learn a bit more.... faster turns, going sideways, introduction to rescue techniques, and more. Lets build on those skills and get kayaking !

Contact us now to book        bonkersactivities@hotmail.com

Hire - Saturday 11am-1pm            (all equipment provided)           from £15

Bonkers have a complete range of paddleboards, sit on top kayaks, katakanus and much more 

Hire sessions run most Saturdays 11am - 1pm. You need to book in advance. 

Contact us now to book bonkersactivities@hotmail.com

Bristish Canoe Paddlesport Instructor                                             £POA per person

This is the new award from British Canoeing

We run a couple a year - email us now