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Sam Ross tuition videos

We love Sam. He is such a great coach and genuine ambassador for the sport.

I have tried to make a SUP instructional video, and its never come out as good as the ones Sam has made !!! - We will be making some tuition videos this summer, but will be looking at it from a different angle ;0)

20 years ago, I used to train windsurf instructors - as an RYA windsurf trainer. This took me all round the world - and on one occasion, in Vassiliki (Greece) I was fortunate to have a young Sam Ross as a pupil and 'young apprentice'. Even then he was awesome.

I still see Sam at coaching updates, and followed his career, as he has become one of the very best coaches in the world. Sam is now a pioneer in windsurf foil tuition, TOP SUP INSTRUCTOR and an ambassador for #redpaddleco .

Sam has produced a perfect series of tuition videos, for Redpaddleco .

check out the whole series of 9 videos on the RED website



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