Working with The Avon Navigation Trust 

River Avon Trips - Paddleboarding 

Bonkers River Trips 

Paddleboarding is growing and developing

Bonkers have been working with the AVON NAVIGATION TRUST (ANT) and also British Canoeing to set up a series of canoe trails along the river. There will be 6 in total, starting at Stratford upon Avon.


The 3 trails we have highlighted below will become part of this, and we will publish more as it becomes ready. More importantly we are working with ANT to improve the portages. For paddleboarding, the portages are all good to go as they are (some are a little high to get in and out, but possible on paddleboards). In Kayaks and canoes, some of the portages are do'able, but a little high. The aim is to work with ANT to improve these over the coming years.  

The RIVER AVON  (There are lots of River Avons - we are talking about the 47 miles from Stratford-upon-Avon to Tewkesbury) is truly is one of the best locations for Paddleboarding. 

Cleaner water than a canal. Gentle flow. the weirs and locks keep the environment stable and beautiful. Good launch and land points. all great !

Whilst most of the time it is a gentle flow, like any waterway, it can flood. Please be safe and use your judgement before paddling (or book a session with us and we can go through it all with you ;0) 

We don't run this for groups of under 18's (like scouts or schools) 

All our activities for under 18 year olds take place on the safe flat sections of the

River Avon close to our centre in Pershore and just a few feet from the nearest bank

River Trips from our Centre (summer)

With our own riverside parking, showers, kettle always on... Bonkers is the perfect place to start and finish a river trip.  On rivers that flow (like the River Wye) it makes total sense to start upstream, and then paddle with the flow.  

However, In the summer, the Avon flows so slow you can easily paddle upstream and on most days, away from the weirs, it is hard to tell which way it is flowing at all. 

So for your first river trip with us, we 100% recommend coming to our centre and river tripping from there. 

Up stream we have Wyre lock and then the beautiful village of Wyre Piddle (with the Anchor Pub too) 

Down stream is Pershore lock and weir (and the Star pub too)

We can arrange this river trip for you at just  £45pp (min 3 people), which include hire of the equipment if you need it 

This is not for beginners, you need to have done at least the starter session with us first, or had lessons elsewhere to access this.


Once you have done this trip with us first, we can then look to do trip  2 or 3 

River Trip 2 Fladbury to Pershore


Video shows sections of the trip from 

Fladbury (Jubilee Bridges)

to our own centre in Pershore

Our recomended trip (trail 2 on the map below) 

your vehicle, change of clothes, hot showers and a cup of tea will be waiting for you in Pershore. We will drop you at Fladbury (with or without and instructor/guide - depending on your ability) and you can paddle with the current down stream. 

This takes about 3 hours (depending on how fast you paddle ;0) 


River Trip 3 Pershore to Eckington

(trail 3 on map below) 

This one works just as well as Trip 1 -

Start at the Centre, beautiful paddle 3.5 hour. There's a perfect picnic spot just past half way at Comberton moorings,  then after arriving at Eckington Bridge, we can arrange transfer back up to our Centre in our VW T5 9 seat shuttle bus. 




River Trip 1+2 Evesham to Pershore 

For the more experienced paddler, this one takes all day. Happy to talk about guiding you on this one - as we would love to paddle it with you.  

Choose your weapon

We use paddleboards - but if you prefer we also have sit on top kayaks, sit on top double kayaks, single kayaks and more

Bonkers can help arrange various camping options 

All trips are subject to availability and conditions and we will tailor make them to the bookings we have and the conditions.