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Specialist delivery of Paddle boarding

Stand Up Paddleboarding 

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Bonkers Paddle Boarding  Lessons

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Paddle boarding STARTER - session 1   (all equipment provided)  

So you've seen it - it's cool - it's relatively easy to get started -and now its time you really should give it a go. Like everything, if a professional can show you some basics, you know you will be doing it right, safely and be able to make the most of your time on the water. This is the perfect session if you want to start from scratch, or maybe you have tried it before, and would like to go through it again to make sure you are doing it properly, efficiently and as safely as possible. This could be the only tuition session you ever need, depending on your aspirations, as we cover so much and guarantee to get you up and paddling.


~ Introduction to equipment ~ on land drills, then onto the water ~ launching and landing ~ how to stand up ~ proper paddling techniques ~ turns ~ self rescue techniques ~ trip up the river ~ safety, rescue and theory. 

(If you have mobility issues, or damaged knees etc, or find it hard to transition from kneeling to standing on dry land, please talk to us before booking onto this group lesson. We can teach you, and are specialist in teaching people of any ability, you might get more out of a session tailored to your needs rather than this group starter session)

PERSHORE  - SATURDAYS (usually 11.30am - 1pm) .....     Just £35 per person


Whilst these run every Saturday, they do book up well in advance, so Book onto a session today. This is an adult session (16yrs+) - info for young people here


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Paddleboard Session 2 - Improver   (all equipment provided)  

Once you've done the Starter, you should book onto session 2.

This is HIGHLY RECOMENDED - book it up straight after your starter. 

Even if you have 'done quite a bit of paddleboarding' this session will analyse and improve anyone's paddling.

This will take your paddleboarding to the next level.  The 'standing up' bit that you perfected in the starter session is just the beginning and we will take all the skills further to ensure that you  are doing it all safely and properly. 

With any activity, it is also important to spend time doing it, and this is an important part of this session, consolidating skills, improving techniques and introducing some sexciting new possibilities. 

Its also a chance to try different boards, learn about equipment and cover new topics like trip planning. 

PERSHORE Saturdays 2pm-3.30pm .....       Just £40 per person


April 16th

April 30th 

May 14th 

June 4th

June 25th  

July 30th 

August 6th

August 20th 

Sept 3rd

Sept 17th  

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Specialist delivery of Paddle boarding

Stand Up Paddleboarding 

Private Tuition 


Available Wednesday in Pershore and Thursday in Evesham 

An hour and a half is £75 and that  includes all the equipment.

The best way to tailor every minute of your session totally to you. Whether its your first go, or you are looking to perfect your paddle stokes, or learn a specific set if skills, these session guarantee to deliver you a fast track to success.

Paddleboarding is so accessible and relatively easy, in as much as anyone who can comfortably stand up from a kneeling position on land, can quite quickly learn to 'do it'. But just to be able to stand up and 'do it' is just scratching the surface of its full potential. There is so much to learn in paddleboarding, more than any of us realised when we started. In other sports top athletes train with a coach as often as they can because they know training from a coach works, and paddleboarders are starting to realise this too.

If you love paddling now, but have never had an official 'lesson' - or maybe had a brief taster somewhere else, we absolutely guarantee that we can make your time on the water even more fun and even better. You will love it even more when you know you are doing it properly and you will get more from your time on the water.

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Paddleboard Technique Clinics - Advanced Techniques

Sundays PERSHORE 11.30 - 1pm    £40per person per clinic  


So, you have learnt to paddleboard and you love it! Now it is time to make sure you are getting the most out of your time on the water.  Like in other sports, it is possible to teach yourself (sort of), but to get better it always pays to have some coaching. Bonkers have designed the technique clinics so you can book onto exactly the sessions you want to work on.  Each session will analyse how you are currently doing things, tweak and improve.  There will be drills to push you outside your comfort zone and nibble away at those bad habits. The sessions will be an hour and a half, and there will also be personalised top tips to take away to work on and practise after each session.


1 - Proper paddling forwards techniques 

Sunday 3rd April 11.30 - 1pm 

Sunday 3rd July 10am - 11.30am


This session is all about looking like you know what you are doing! More seriously, by tweaking your paddling technique you will instantly feel great and be able to paddle easier, faster with less effort and further.  It all focusses around having a vertical paddle but will analyse your stroke to make sure you are doing it properly. Top paddlers have coaching sessions like this on a regular basis and are always checking and refining the position of every part of their paddle stroke, from how it hits the water, through to the power phase, the exit and the return. Then there is the position of your elbows, shoulders, wrists, head, hips etc. Then there is foot positioning, trim, balance. So just when you think you are paddling OK, we can pull it all apart and give you plenty to work on.

** STOP PRESS **  and there's more..... On the same session we will also cover how to paddle on one side all day long....

There are several techniques you can use to paddle on one side all day long. We will cover them all, and you can work out what is best for you, and what works best for paddleboards. We do still change sides when we paddle, that is still the most efficient way, but these new skills will enable you to change sides when you want to rather than having to all the time ;0) 


2 - Better turns (and how to move your feet around on the board)       

Sunday 1st May 11.30am - 1pm

Sunday 7th August 10am - 11.30pm

We all learnt the basic ‘backwards paddle sweep stroke to turn’ when we started – and this is still a great way to turn, all be it a bit slow and wobbly. This session will look at loads of different ways you can turn a board around. Turns while stationary, turns whilst on the move, bow rudders, changing your feet and secrets on how to break down the step back turn into easy chunks. Draw stokes and Pry strokes and how these are integrated into turns. And of course the good old Step Back Turn. We break the step back turn into easy chunks, and guarantee you get success and progression. This session works best if you are geared up and prepared to get wet.  


3 - SUP SAFETY - Rescue Techniques and some fun theory

Sunday 15th May 11.30am - 1.30pm

Sunday 5th June 10am-11.30

Sunday 4th September 10am-11.30pm           

ALL our sessions, even the STARTER, include loads of vital safety tuition. But this clinic takes it to a whole new level. Before heading out on the water, this session will start on dry land and cover an introduction into wind, weather, tides and river features. It then move onto safety equipment and theory of rescue. What to do if you need to help someone to safety in the water environment. 


Then onto the water and we will go through many scenarios, like how to assess the situation and what your first thoughts should be. 

It is normal that some people have trouble getting back onto their boards. As a paddling community, we need to know how to help people to get back on their boards, and if the situation develops how to assist and rescue each other.  


This will be a wet session. (you could stay dry if you like and still get loads out of it, but always best to practise the wet bit too). We will look at various bits of safety equipment and practise using them.

WOW - surely everyone should do this session, to be able to keep ourselves safe and help each other.........

This is an adult session (16yrs+) - info for young people here


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family session

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SUP Yoga


........ just £40 

2022 Dates

Saturday June 11th  10.30  (FULL)

Saturday June 18th  10.30

Saturday July   2nd   9.30 (earlier start) 

Sunday   July   24th  10.30

Saturday Aug 6th     10.30

Saturday Aug 27th  10.30

These are always fully booked - so booking well in advance is essential 

This is a great session - great equipment - amazing professional yoga instructor (Kymberley Lane) and supported by Kim Bonk 

Most people who come on these have either done yoga before and fancy doing it on the water    OR

They already SUP and fancy doing the yoga session

Bonkers have been running SUP Yoga for 4 years now.

To be able to relax and do SUP Yoga comfortably, you need the good stable boards. Bonkers have 12+ boards that are 35' wide, as well as a fleet of Mega Sups, if you fancy being really stable.  

You also need a PROPER YOGA INSTRUCTOR (not just a paddle coach who thinks they can show you a few yoga moves)

That's exactly what we do at Bonkers.

But there's more..... we also have the perfect location. The creek opposite our centre has a perfect flow of water entering it. It's the feed for the HEP. There is a line of buoys that we tie on to, so all the boards sit in the perfect position. It is also sheltered from the wind - Perfect

SUP YOGA - we thought it was a fad - until we tried it - it's awesome. It's so lovely be in the perfect, peaceful outdoors venue (well, apart from the odd swan - see pictures below...

the wobbles make the exercise so much better - its great fun and so rewarding.

Included in this session will be a RIVER TRIP after the yoga. This completes the holistic experience. Paddle up the idyllic river, in great company, have a laugh and enjoy the beautiful tranquil countryside. 

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Kymberley Lane

Professional Yoga Coach

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Bonkers Sup Touring

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Bonkers Activities work in partnership with the Avon Navigation Trust - we run the activities for the water authority

The Avon is an amazing river - and we are the specialists on the Worcestershire/Warwickshire Avon

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Doggy SUP Dogs on Paddleboards


Bonkers run regular sessions for Dogs and their owners


(Except on the Doggy SUP days when we get/give special permission....)

The perfect private field site, where you can park close to the river make bonkers the perfect venue for our doggy sessions.

low level pontoon makes it easy for the dogs to walk on and off - this is so good for getting the dogs onto the boards

Bonkers have 6 Mega Sups (see pics) - which are used on this session at no extra cost, great for getting any dog comfortably onto the water. 

Please bring your own board is you have one (talk to Kim at time of booking) - It's worth checking your dogs nails are as trim and smooth as possible.

You will need a harness or a dog b'aid (essential, as the handle is needed to lift them out of the water)

BOOK IN ADVANCE ONLY - places are limited

2022 dates 

Wednesday  June 22nd       5.30pm-7pm 

Wednesday  July 6th            5.30pm-7pm

Wednesday  July 20th          5.30pm-7pm

Wednesday  August 24th    5.30pm-7pm  

£35 per person (dogs are free)  

Always a pleasure - always great fun ;0)   

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dogs doggy 4

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Hire Pershore

Booking in advance essential - hire only available on selected days

(Usually Saturdays )

just email us to ask....


We make Hire easy - top of the range equipment - booked in advance - ready and waiting for you by the waters edge. 


Paddleboarding (ONLY people that have had a lesson with us can hire individual paddleboards - BOOK A LESSON) 

£15 per person for 1 hour hire

£25 per person for 2 hours hire


Mega-sup's (Tiki explorers) - Can take 2-3 people. Great for a family (we have 5 of these available). Also an option if you haven't had a lesson with us. 



Sit on Top Kayaks (single or doubles available) 

£15 per person for 1 hour

£25 per person for 2 hours

Canoe (experience required) 

£25 for 1 hour for the boat (1 or 2 people)

These are new Silverbirch broadland 16's 






Katakanu (catamaran canoe - seats 4 adults and up to 6 if

mixing adults and children)

No experience required to hire this craft

£35 for 1 hour

£50 for 2 hours

Buoyancy Aids included with all hires (and MUST be worn)

Wetsuits - wetsuits are not normally needed for hires (we cover 'what to wear' on the SUP lesson). If you wish to hire a wetsuit, it is £5.

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