Specialist delivery of Paddle boarding

Stand Up Paddleboarding 

Covid-19 update 

Only Booked in advance hire, private tuition, tuition for family or friends groups (up to 5 people) or launch currently available


Bonkers Paddle Boarding  Lessons

Paddle boarding Lesson - Introduction   (all equipment provided)  

So you've seen it - it's cool - it's relatively easy -and now its time you really should give it a go. Like everything, if a professional can show you some basics, you know you will be doing it right, safely and be able to make the most of your time on the water. 


All our sessions have TWO INSTRUCTORS on site - Kim and Alex (this is important for safety and so we can give you the BEST experience, maximum teaching and a truly tailor made experience) - we will cover; equipment, setting up, launching and landing, getting to grips with the board, standing up, stance, correct paddling techniques, how to go straight, safety and rescue and more.

We have been teaching SUP from when it was invented - and perfected our skills to ensure you get the right tuition, fun, and the best possible SUP experience.  - all our boards are carefully chosen to help you learn and then progress.

This isn't just a 'taster' that other centres run. This is a full tuition sessions with our top instructors - teaching you everything you need to know, not only to get up up and paddling, but invaluable information so you are doing it properly for the future. We will tailor it to YOU. 

River Trip - the focus is on the fun lesson, but depending on the conditions, this also includes an introductory RIVER TRIP up the most beautiful section of the River Avon, before returning to the full facilities at our purpose built centre, including tea, coffee, hot showers etc..............


Paddle boarding Lesson - Introduction   (all equipment provided)  

We are of course operating things very differently due to Covid 19 and are strictly following the Government guidelines. There are so many reasons to choose Bonkers for your paddleboarding 

  • We have our own PRIVATE car park, back field and our own launch area. 

  • Alex and Kim have 30 years experience teaching watersports and 10+ years teaching paddleboarding in Pershore

  • We have a strict book in advance system with time periods between each arrival to ensure you will have your own safe, clean space.

  • We will NOT put you in a group with people you don't know. But, we are happy to make it cheaper for you if you come as a family group, or talk some friends that you know into coming too. Perfect !! 

By restructuting our lessons to this new format, you will get coaching TOTALLY TAILORED to you. If you've done a bit already, no probloem, we can focus on improver skills, paddle strokes, or what ever you would like to learn 

Price        1 person = £50 

                 2 people = £45 per person

                 3 people = £40 per person

                 4 people = £35 per person 

                 5 people = £30 per person 

Contact us to book now bonkersactivities@hotmail.com 

Download the booking form to your computer and you should be able to fill it in and send it back     

SUP Yoga 

(cancelled for 2020 due to Covid 19)


1.5 hour session

(allow longer for set up, and refreshments afterwards !)

These are always fully booked 

This is not just doing some yoga moves on SUP's - this is a FULL ON YOGA SESSION 

Most people have either done yoga before and fancy doing it on the water    OR

They already SUP and fancy doing the yoga session 

Bonkers have been running SUP Yoga for 3 years now. 

To do Yoga you need the good stable boards that BONKERS have (not just any old boards)

You also need a PROPER YOGA INSTRUCTOR (not just a paddle coach who has done a course)

That's exactly what we do at Bonkers. 

But there's more..... we also have the perfect location. The creek opposite our centre has a perfect flow of water entering it. Its the feed for the HEP. There is a line of buoys that we tie on to, so all the boards sit in the perfect position. 

SUP YOGA - we thought it was a fad - until we tried it - it's awesome. It's so lovely be in the perfect, peaceful outdoors venue (well, apart from the odd swan - see pictures below...

the woobles make the exercise so much better - its great fun and so rewarding. 

Kymberley Lane

Professional Yoga Coach

Bonkers Sup Touring

SUP River Trips                                        

BonkSup are specialists in River Trips. The River Avon, between Evesham and Pershore is the most perfect place for your SUP Touring Experience.  

River Experience Pershore - It is suitable for anyone that has done the 'Starter' session with us (or paddled before). We use the touring boards, which give better glide and allows us to cover a greater distance with less effort. We love this session, the river is truly beautiful and a perfect way to progress your skills. The instructors will cover advanced paddle techniques and by the end you will be paddling as well as anyone can.

Fancy a longer river trip? 

With a lifetime background in running river trips with kayaks and canoes, Bonkers will ensure your trip is organised, safe and relaxed. With our own 9 seater VW minibus and specialist Touring boards, we can drop the group up stream, for your down stream paddle.

There are so many options here that it is best to give Alex a call so we can tailor the session to your needs and what you want to get out of it. 

Have your own board? - just want a map and a drop off up stream so you can paddle back to your car and changing rooms......... we can do that.

Want to try a 'proper' Touring board? surf board shapes are OK, but if your travelling on flat water, a 'boat shape' makes a lot more sense. Bonkers are Touring specialist with a range of boards to try

Contact us now to book bonkersactivities@hotmail.com       


Doggy SUP Dogs on Paddleboards

(cancelled for 2020 due to Covid 19)


Bonkers run regular sessions for Dogs and their owners 

Sessions normally include:

  • Lesson for Humans 

  • Familiarisation for Doggys

  • Paddling with your Dog  

Our unique Tiki Mega Sup's make it possible for

any human and any dog !! our range of single boards means

we always have the right board for you and your dog


Always a pleasure - always great fun ;0)   



Booking in advance essential


We make Hire easy 

It's £15 per person 

This includes ALL the equipment and you can choose from: 

Single Paddleboards 

Touring Paddleboards 

our unique MEGA SUP / Tandems


Sit on Top Kayaks - single

Sit on Top Kayaks - Double 

Sit on to Kayak - triple (3rd seat only suitable for child) 

Kayakanu - 4 or 6 person Catamaran Canoe