Demo Centre - come and try....

Bonkers is NOT a 'shop' - BUT we are a DEMO CENTRE for O'Shea and Tiki (and we do sell a few things too) 

All demo's must be booked in advance

pay for a single hire, and try as many boards as you like

The Paddleboard retail market is a nightmare !!!!

so we are doing something different 

we have EVERY SINGLE O'shea BOARD and all the Tiki Boards for you to try (we have over 50 boards right next to the water)

we can then get these for you (our club members), at a price to match anyone else (or even better)  - simple 

At Bonkers - we like to look after our customers

Most of our club members have bought their boards through us

We can get you NEW boards from: O'shea, Tiki, Red & Starboard.

The retail market is indeed a nightmare -  especially the cheaper or mid range boards promising to be as good as the premium brands (which some are definitely not and its so hard to tell from the online reviews)....

Come and try different boards to see what is right for you. 

Hiring from us is a seriously good option. For example, hire a new 2020 touring board and light weight paddle worth over £1000 for just £15 an hour. 

We do then sell some of our boards at the end of the season (and some are available right now, as we are constantly upgrading our fleet)