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Specialist delivery of 

Holiday Activity Days - Junior Clubs - SCHOOL GROUPS

Activities For

Young People 


Summer Activity days July & August 2021

Ages 12 - 15

Booking essential - limited places, filling up fast...

Friday 30th July

Friday 6th August

Friday 13th August

Friday 27th August 

11am - 3pm. £45 per person per session. 

Paddleboarding - Mega SUPs - kayaks and more..... 

100% FUN. 

As well as individual paddleboards we will use the unique Bonkers Mega-Sups and sit on top kayaks. Using fun games and professional coaching techniques, the instructors will work on improving everyone's skills to the next level

Kim and Alex will be onsite and coordinating, but to guarantee the fun element, all the activities are run by our very own Kai (Bosh) and Tom. Both are qualified instructors with years of experience (their skills, fun and professionalism is known to most of your reading this - so we don't need to say any more!!)) 


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Tailor made Groups - especially for you...... BIRTHDAYS or Just for FUN

If you can get a group of 5 or more children together then we can organise a tailor made session for you....

Paddleboarding is always the favourite, and our recommended activity. But we can also mix it up a bit, with our unique MEGA-SUPs, sit on top kayaks and katakanus. 

Birthday parties - family groups - set up regular sessions, or a 1 off fun activity

As its your sessions - it can be for any age and any age mix !!!! 

(at around the age of 8years, children can start to hold a paddle properly and join in more independently, so if its for a session of children only, then we recommend 8 years +, but anything is possible) 

Price = £100 for up to 5 people. add £20 a head for any extra participants. 

This session is 1 hour, perfect for keeping it high energy and fun.  

longer days available - 11am-3pm for £45 per person, just organise a group of 12....

Family Sessions (Highly recommended )

There are so many reasons why a family session is the best thing ever !!

-   Tailor made for you

-   A great chance to play together

-   Paddleboarding is an activity that you can genuinely do together on equal terms , the young

    people pick it up so fast and feel real achievement being 'better than the adults' 

-   It's what Bonkers do best 

-   Private sessions - you will have the changing rooms to your selves and your own arrival time 

-   Great photo opportunity - to help build the best memories

-   Clean changing rooms and toilets - everyone has their own arrival time, so that you have the        

     changing rooms to yourselves.... 

-   Clean safe environment, riverside parking, healthy outdoors activities

-   Bonkers have more specialist small paddleboarding equipment than any other centre in the UK

-   Wetsuits for all sizes, paddles for all sizes and even junior size boards !!

                 3 people = £40 per person

                 4 people = £35 per person

                 5 or more people = £30 per person

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Private Tuition with Kai  (aka Bosh)

Motivating teenagers can be tricky

Knowing what to say and how to engage is an art 

All the Bonkers instructors can do this, but there is one instructor who stands out as being amazing at coaching young people 


Kai is the youngest of the Bonkers Family at 18 years old. Kai has been paddleboarding (and skateboarding etc) since he learnt to walk, and has been a British Canoe Instructor (level 1) for over 2 years. In 2021 Kai qualified as a British Canoe Level 3 Paddleboard Coach, making him one of the youngest ever to achieve this level of qualification.  

Kai runs most of the sessions at Bonkers for young people. They are always FUN, SAFE and PROFESSIONAL

Kai is also available for Private Tuition for young people. Whilst any coach can teach young people, there are so many benefits to being on the same page and similar age as them. (sometimes its hard for us oldies to understand what they are even talking about ;0) 

Lets get everyone outdoors doing positive healthy activities.....

Contact us for details on how to book a single session with Kai or a course of sessions

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Specialist delivery of 

 SCHOOL GROUPS & Youth Group


School Groups - Paddleboarding 


We can tailor sessions to current covid restictions and what you would like to do.

Paddleboarding is just the best for your school group activities. It is EASY, FUN and SAFE

It will also be the activity that will generate the most response if you ask a group of pupils what they would like to do

Bonkers run PROPER TUITION SESSIONS where people can stay dry if they wish to.

Discounts available if booking more than 1 session - and we can match other centres prices for the same product...

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DSC04248 (1)

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DSC05766 (1)

Roms 2 (2)
Roms 2 (2)

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DSC04248 (1)


Pictures pre social distancing

School Groups - Multi Activity

The Bonkers team have decades of experience of running the best possible activity sessions for young people. As part of the Social Enterprise remit, we offer these at the best possible rates.......

Schools  - sports clubs - youth clubs

Best Prices compared to any activity centre

Tailor made to your requirements

Chose a single activity or a combination 

SUP - Paddleboarding - Archery - Kayak  and more


Bonkers can be flexible to suit your requirements, objectives and budgets - contact us to tailor make your package 

junior summer activity 7
junior summer activity 7

junior summer activity 3
junior summer activity 3

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junior activity day 8

junior summer activity 7
junior summer activity 7


BBC Countryfile

On 4th November Matt Baker joined us for some activities on the water.

The group were from New College Worcester. They had been with us for a 5 week Paddleboarding course, but unfortunately, the day of filming was sooooo windy, that rather than cancel, we decided to have some fun in the Katakanus instead. check out the video


Bell Boating

Bellboats are a great way of getting groups of young people active in the outdoors

Here are just a few Pics of Alex running recent (pre-covid) Bell Boat sessions........

IMG_1575 (2)
IMG_1575 (2)

IMG_1567 (2)
IMG_1567 (2)

IMG_0611 (1)
IMG_0611 (1)

IMG_1575 (2)
IMG_1575 (2)

Bell Boating sessions

Pictures pre social distancing

DofE expeditions -PADDLEBOARDS & Sit on Tops

As Specialists in Paddleboarding, Alex and Kim  have also been employed by other organisations to run DofE Silver expeditions.

The pics show some of our trips on the Wye and welsh canals.

The Bonkers Tandem Mega Sups (we have 6 of them) are perfect for carrying gear and also great to paddle distance (do NOT confuse with other brands tandems - these are unique in their design....)  Bonkers also have a fleet of 10 double sit on tops, that's enough for 3 groups of 6-7 kayakers ! 

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DSC04829 (2)

DSC04819 (2)
DSC04819 (2)

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DSC00518 (2)

DSC04829 (2)
DSC04829 (2)


Professional Safe and Fun

Bonkers operating procedures, insurance, risk assessments, equipment, instructors, qualifications and everything about what we do is second to none in quality, safety and the all round positive experience.

Alex and Kim have been setting up centres since 1993, and settled on what we believe is one of the safest and best location in the UK - the beautiful River Avon in Pershore. 

All our group bookings for under 18's take place on the flat water (less than grade 1 - very sheltered water) close to our purpose built centre, within a few feet of the bank and close to our changing rooms, facilities and hot showers.

Pershore is also different to other places on the same river as it is sheltered from the wind

if you would like - please arrange a time to come and visit our site, check out our onshore facilities, see our new equipment and meet the team.